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FT-102A vibrating funnel bulk density measuring instrument

一、参照标准Meet standards:SJT 10215-1991   ISO 3923/3  GB/T5061-1998

二、适用范围Scope of application

适用于不能自由流过孔径为5mm的磁性氧化物粉末松装密度的测定, 同时适用于类似粉末松装密度的测量;不适用于在振动过程中易碎裂的粉末,如针状和纤维状。

applicable to the determination of the bulk density of magnetic oxide powders, which cannot be freely flowing through 5mm aperture, and it also suitable for measuring the bulk density of similar powder; do not apply to easily broken powder in the process of vibration, such as needle and fibrous powder.



vibrating funnel method -- Vibration under specified conditions, the powder free landing from the funnel in a certain height, full of known volume of the cylindrical cup, the mass of powder per unit volume is used to represent the bulk density of powder.

四.参数规格technical specifications

漏 斗 孔 径为7.5 mm,漏斗孔底部与圆柱杯上表面距离为25mm。

Funnel hole diameter 7.5 mm, the distance between the bottom of the funnel hole and the top surface of the cylindrical cup is25mm.


The vibrator operates at a frequency of 50Hz, and the hopper is vibrating horizontally,

圆柱量筒容积为25士05cm. 漏斗锥度60°

A cylindrical volume is 25士05cm,60 degree taper funnel.

漏斗和圆柱杯Funnel and cylindrical cups